Wendy's Beanie Babies

Update 1/1/00

Following are the Beanies I have

(As of 12/28/99 I have all of the 21 dogs TY has offered)

Bernie the St. Bernard (retired)Bruno the Terrior (retired)Doby the DobermanDotty the DalmationFetch the Golden Retriever

Gigi the PoodleNanook the HuskyPugsly the PugSpunky the Cocker SpanielTracker the Basset HoundSpot the Dog (retired)

Tuffy the TerriorWeenie the Dog (retired) (no TY tag)Wrinkles the Dog (retired)Bones the DogRover the Dog (retired)Sparky the Dalmation (retired)

Scottie the terriorLuke the LabFleece the LambGracie the Swan (retired)

Mel the KoalaPouch the KangerooSmoochy the frogSpinner the spider (retired)

Claude the CrabDerby the HorseMystic the UnicornStinky the Skunk (retired)Echo the Dolphin (retired)

glory (retired)HaloFortune the PandaRingo the Racoon

Jake the MallordEarly the RobinGobbles the Turkey

Following are the Beanies I would LIKE to have

(Would make a great  gift)

Tom likes fish

Coral the Fish (retired)Goldie the Fish (retired)Legs the Frog (retired)

I like Holiday's and all White

PumpkinsantaTeddy 98

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